Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Dying Brkshire Mall, Food Court and Regal Cinemas

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Thank goodness for Images, the Berkshire Museum's Little Theatre, and yes, the Triplex in Great Barrington. They show how a real film venue should be run. Shame on the mass market, second rate Regal Cinemas in the Berkshire Mall. And frankly good riddance to the poorly run North Adams Megaplex that just went bankrupt - no surprise to anyone who seeks quality films.

The Vast Wasteland at the Berkshire Mall
Food Court and Regal Cinemas.
Pretty inviting, eh?
Wait until you taste the warmed over food,
the sloppily projected films.

The Berkshire Mall's movie complex is perfectly matched to the lackluster, overcharging food court next door. If this is the best Pyramid Management can do, give me Netflix. It's sad to see the region's main mall undergoing geriatric decay as all the dollars are sucked out of it by its clueless management.

I can sum up its problems in three words. Boring. Boring. Boring. The reason the mall is empty most of the time is that the corporation behind its operation specializes in real estate, not retail. Their few successes are due to monopolizing a market which is exactly their strategy in the Berks. Even the normally hip Hollister is clueless.

The reason it has never had much in the way of customers - even before the current recession - is that Berkshire shoppers shun it. The proof is in the little things like this: regular monthly trips to the Mall by the seniors at North Adams Spitzer Center, have been cancelled due to a dwindling lack of interest.

Once, space on the van was eagerly sought after, but for months the van was going there virtually empty. The seniors say there is no longer any retail there that interests them. Many point out that the food court has become expensive and the portions skimpy, except for the McDonalds, and there's no need to travel to Lanesboro to get a Big Mac.

Even the huge Target has turned its back on the mall. You can only check out by the doors that lead to the parking lot, not the ones that lead to the mall. Talk about stupid. It's enough to make real shoppers think of moving to Bloomington, Minnesota. At least they know how to run interesting retail.

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