Monday, August 3, 2009

Lea Thompson, Matt McGrath and Dean Cain

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Lea complains "Dean Cain is way cuter than me, which is a problem."

The poster girl for wholesome, Lea Thompson, and Matt McGrath, the actor who saved Hedwig and the Angry Inch from obscurity are in the Berkshires, preparing to premiere a brand new play Caroline in Jersey by noted playwright Melinda Lopez at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. It is going to be fun. I interviewed them both last week and you can read about it here but there are some details that I left out. I've saved them for this Gay Berkshires blog.

Dean Cain is one of those macho guys who make gay guys weak, perhaps because they play such strong characters. Cain of course played Superman in Lois and Clark, and was to the 90's what Tom Welling and Smallville have been to this new century. So it came as a bit of a surprise last week when I sat down for coffee with both Lea and Matt to find they had both worked with Dean Cain in different movies. Holy Kevin Bacon!
Lea played with Tom

Lea of course was a big hit in the tv series Caroline in the City, and before that her breakout role was in Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox, and even earlier, with Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves. Lucky girl. But it turns out that she played Dean Cain's wife in Final Approach. Discuss.

Lea Thompson: It was fun playing his wife, though I didn't get to do that much with him. I was on the phone most of the time. It's hard to build a rapport. I always thought he was cute as Superman [in Lois & Clark]. He's way cuter than me, which is a problem. [Laughs]

In The Broken Hearts Club, Matt McGrath (lower left) and Dean Cain (upper right)

Meanwhile, it turns out that Matt McGrath also worked with Dean Cain in the heartwarming film, The Broken Hearts Club.

Matt McGrath

So this begs the question of whether McGrath is way cuter than Cain. The answer is that it really doesn't matter. Matt has a wonderful outlook on GLBTQ issues, and spent some extra time with me talking about them. Watch for our special Gay Berkshires feature on Matt later this week.

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