Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bill Nelson's All Male Revue
One More Show Tonight

Bill Nelson
Orville Mendoza
Matt Castle
Frank Galgano
Claibourne Elder
Howie Michael Smith

Trust me, you don't want to miss this show at Barrington Stage and you only have one more chance, tonight, Saturday August 1 at Barrington Stage Company's little theatre, Stage 2 on Linden Street in Pittsfield.


The title is suggestive
But our pants will stay zipped.
No thongs in this performance
Long as we don't leave the script.

The lyrics will be naked, though—
Exposed, unguarded and true in


Bill Nelson's All Male Revue.
Bill Nelson's All Male Revue (woo hoo hoo hoo)
Bill Nelson's All Male Revue.

Sit back and soak us in.
Enjoy the all-male view. (CLAY: You know you do!)

(Lyrics by Bill Nelson from the show's witty opening number)

Bill Nelson's All-Male Revue has lyrics by Bill Nelson and most of them have a gay twist. The music is by a variety of composers. But don't take my word for it. To get a sense of what we are talking about here, here are a couple of You Tube clips.

Rob Broadhurst performs "Who Wouldn't Want A Kid Like That?" in State of the Union. Music by Dimitri Landrain, Lyrics by Bill Nelson. Directed by Daniel Fischer. Part of The Spotlight Cabaret series.

Wesley Taylor sings "Would I Do Bill Nelson (If Bill Nelson Weren't Me?" (music by Julia Meinwald, lyrics by Bill Nelson) as part of THE OH, SO SEXY SONG'S OF BILL NELSON at NYTB

The final performance takes place tonight, Saturday, at 8:00 at the BSC's Stage 2 which is at 36 Linden Street (one block from North Street) in Pittsfield. All seats are: $15 (general admission) and can be reserved by calling 413.236.888. Or visit the Barrington Stage website.

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