Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Berkshire Churches More Accepting to LGBT community

I don't write here very often, but some wonderful news recently arrived for LGBT folks who have wanted to reconcile their personal spiritual beliefs with the hatred inflamed by misguided Republicans in search of a few votes from those that hate and revile gays.

Joe Durwin reported on progress being made here in the Berkshires on accepting a broader spectrum of humanity into their churches. Recently Pittsfield's Congregational Church issued a stunning affirmation of welcoming diverse worshipers.

The First Congregational Church statement reads as follows, and there are reactions from me and others.:

"Following the spirit of Jesus, we embrace the diversity of God's creation. We welcome people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, race, ethnic, or cultural background and ability. Everyone is invited to participate fully in the worship and ministry of First Church."

Jason Verchot, president of the LBGT advocate organization Berkshire Stonewall Community Coalition, said he applauds First Church "for stepping forward and promoting a message of acceptance."

"I think it's reaffirming to see religious institutions change their views in order to be more accepting of diversity. As their statement says, Christ promoted acceptance of all God's children, and if you preach Christianity, then I believe you should embrace the entire message, not just the parts that are convenient for your world view," he said.

Larry Murray, who pens the blog Gay in the Berkshires, said that Pittsfield's First Congregational had been identified to him earlier as one that welcomed same-sex marriages.

The full story by Durwin has just been posted on iBerkshires and you can read the article here: http://www.iberkshires.com/story/40599/First-Church-Looks-to-Expand-Dialogue-About-Diversity.html?source=top_stories


mjloehrer said...

Just to pose a question: Do you think there might be a liberal or libertarian who does not support the gay agenda?

Larry Murray said...

Of course there are. Don't you think there are conservatives who support gay equality? Labels do not confine one to a preset "agenda". And if you ever find out just what this so-called gay agenda is, send me a copy. I'd like to know what we agreed to.