Saturday, January 1, 2011

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As Berkshire on Stage has grown in size and scope, it is also claiming more of my available time. Please visit me there, and if you wish to see articles, interviews and stories with a LGBT focus, just select that category.

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pacethepace said...

Why don't you accept the fact that you lost the argument and the vote and move on to fight another day. The gay community thinks it has a right to everything it sees fit to go after and anyone with a different point of view is wrong prejudice or anti.

What gets my goat about this article is its shameful nastiness toward a Christian Church organisation - not a cult, you purport to have represented of as a missionary, who simply disagrees with your point of view

The LDS church was one of many religious and non religious organisations who came together to defeat you. You make no mention of those other organisations, no documentaries no marches, protests…nothing. The homosexual community can be just as narrow minded and selective when presenting its case as anyone else wouldn’t you say?

Your vitriol about black people becoming members of the church and your total misrepresentation concerning polygamy shows the moral bankruptcy of you argument. You can not stick to the issue at hand but go off on all sorts of tangents to try to justify your point of view.

Whatever the Supreme court says the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints will abide by the law of the land - you should do likewise. You scream rights rights rights but when others lawfully go about exercising theirs - it’s call democracy, and it is at variance with your view of the world, you do not like it.

The ironic thing is that I actually agree and am sympathetic to a lot of the whys and wherefores of your argument. Where I part company with you is aptly illustrated by the tenor and tone of this article. Your reaction and hysterical vitriolic abuse of one of many organisations involved in the campaign against you is nothing short of disgraceful.

You and the homosexual community may have more in common with Fox News and your political adversaries on the Right than you realise. Like Fox you are absolutely scathing and non accommodating even intolerant of others who deviate from your ordained view of the world.

I repeat it is not the argument and or the fundamental rights you seek that I find objectionable but your lack of grace in defeat - your ill liberalism, in short I am disappointed by your reaction to the votes outcome, but not all together surprised.

Finally I smile when see you have ’Comment Moderation’ turned on - no First Amendment rights there then though I am sure you would be the first to expect them from other organisations. I do understand why - to avoid abusive postings - but the irony is not lost on me.

Of course to ‘moderate’ bestows responsibility in allowing you to dictate the tone and flow of the discourse on the site, and that is fair enough, but please please please realise that there individuals, organisations others; who are just as passionate in their beliefs and points of view and simply disagree with you.