Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pittsfield Prom June 5. Corsages not mandatory.

Now, there's an idea.

Just like you remember, only better!

OK -this if for all of you in school whose choice was no choice. It's for those of us who never got to take our special love to that school prom, back in the day, too. Take a chance and go stag if so inclined.

Prtty Pitty Productions presents...

Pittsfield Prom: Party On!

Saturday June 5 from 8:00pm to 1:30am at Jae's Spice, 297 North Street, Pittsfield.

"Yes, I went to hella gay prom with my girlfriends!!! even if some of my girlfriends are guys IT WAS SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! I love these people!!! I put their little names on the pic, so look at it!!! OMG if you have a gay prom around where you live, you have to go to it!!! you have not lived until you have!! EVEN IF YOU'RE STRAIGHT!!!! oh, and I just met Lily that night, but DAMN that girl can dance!!......But no one compare to Alanna!!"

"lol, It's where we go to party, istead of regular prom, because we'de get weird looks and people herasing us at the normal dances. It alot more open to. You can wear whatever you wnat, and the whole night is basicaly just a time to campleatly let go. You just dace with everybody, talk to everyone, and forget that you don't know the person you're dancing against. It's a substance free place, but that sure dosn't stop people from getting crazy. About an hour form the end of the dance, all the girls will inevitably take off their shirts, and no one cares, cus the likly hood of any one getting pregnant there is zero to nill, thanks to the faggyness!!! wow I was rambling!! sorry, I just realy love it!!!!!!!"

(Random comments on other proms found on the internet)

Bring a date, bring a friend, bring everyone you know - just make sure you want to have a good time! Relive your best prom memories, undo your worst, and make new ones, all in one night. Semi-formal attire suggested, fun required!

- live DJ with dancing all night
- complimentary cake
- on-site makeup and touch-ups by makeup artist Ericka Hanger
- balloon archways, streamers, and confetti

June 5th, 8pm
Jae's Spice Upstairs
$10 | 21+
$15 | 18+
$8/$13 | BCC, MCLA, and Williams College Students with valid student ID.

The organizers say: "It's all happening the weekend before the NAMA Prom 2010! and we hope that the adults of Berkshire County have as much fun this prom season as the high schoolers! Hope to see you all out looking classy at both proms, getting your party on!

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