Friday, April 16, 2010

Berkshire Visitor's Bureau Unveils New LGBTQ Outreach

The Berkshire Visitors Bureau runs the visitors information center in Adams. One day we could find a "Berkshire LGBTQ Events and Atttractons" leaflet in the rack.

As part of their ongoing promotional efforts, the Berkshire Visitor's Bureau is reaching out to the LGBTQ community to make sure they know they are welcome here. Following up on a brainstorming session held earlier this year, the latest edition of Discover The Berkshires includes a story by Bess Hochstein, called "LGBTQ in the Berkshires."

It is also a web page that will be included on their website. You can find it at

The BVB is open to further ideas on ways to promote and market to our community. Being member supported, those establishments which are gay friendly or gay owned are encouraged to further the ongoing discussions both between themselves, at meetings and with the BVB professionals.

One of the ideas discussed by the BVB was finding a way to incorporate the rainbow into marketing materials to make clear that the Berkshires offer a gay friendly welcome.

The benefits of including an LGBTQ marketing focus are many, not the least of which is the positive impact it has on those of us who live and work here. While the cities have always been a magnet for gays, in Massachusetts we are seeing significant populations in the smaller cities and towns as well. Provincetown, of course, and Northampton. And lately we are seeing increasing numbers in places like Pittsfield and Springfield, too.

Around Memorial Day, look for our specialized Summer Calendar of Events. If you are planning something of interest to the LGBTQ community, please take a minute to be sure we are getting an email or press release. It would be a shame to miss an event because nobody told us about it. Even with Gaydar in full force, we miss a lot. My email is BerkshireLarry at Gmail dot com.

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