Friday, March 19, 2010

Who will play Captain America?

"When I’d heard that Will Smith was [interested], I’m just like, ‘God, yeah. That’s who should play it… It would be a different Captain America than we all know in the comic, but it’s perfect.” Channing Tatum (pictured here).

In less than a year the first of nine Captain America movies will begin shooting, and a new star will be born. Based on the Marvel comics character, the superhero will also inhabit the persona of his alter ego, Steve Rogers, and try to defend an America that is in deep trouble. It's going to get interesting.

The rumors of which actors heads the top of the list have been flying, and just to give you an idea of who they are looking at I have compiled a list of both the finalists and the failures.

Wilson Bethel, who starred in HBO’s “Generation Kill” and currently appearing in “The Young and the Restless,” is still in the running.

Mike Vogel, who appeared in “Cloverfield” and CBS’ “Miami Medical” is still on the list of possibilities. Bethel and Vogel are relative unknowns, and therefore long shots, though the lower salaries such actors demand can be a deciding factor.

My choice, because of the success the Star Trek franchise had in casting Chris Pine to play Captain Kirk.

There's also James Cameron's choice of Sam Worthington for Avatar. But he is Australian...

Still very much in contention, and currently moving to the top of the pack is actor Chris Evans, currently shooting "Safety Point" in Texas. He has read for the part and has a test offer which may come to fruition next week.

Garrett Hedlund has not tested yet though Marvel itself is very keen on him.

Sadly, word has it that Chace Crawford is a no-go.

Michael Cassidy is no longer on the list.

John Krasinski (The Office) has always been a long shot.

So who would you like to see try out for the role? Whoever it is, they will spend a lot of time underneath a face mask and costume, so the acting is likely more important than the look. But still...

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