Monday, January 25, 2010

Miss Bubble Wrap Pops up in the News

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Miss Bubblewrap in all her glory - one of the great creations of Jeff DeMoura when we were both in Provincetown.

A decade ago I was living and working in Provincetown, where creativity is expected and mediocrity is barely tolerated. Since the last Monday in January is officially Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, I thought I would write about my former business partner, Jeff DeMoura who was always in creative ferment.

He ran a packaging store, me a gift store by day and a mail order bubble wrap business by night. For P-Town's Carnival he decided to use some of the stuff to make his costume and debuted it at the huge Sunday Drag Brunch that year, and won first prize. Of course the bubble dress was gorgeous, like him, but it was also hot - especially when he had to hike it up to cool down.

Jeff as I remember him with one of his naughty cocker spaniels.

It's a long time sine he and I have done business with the folks at Sealed Air, the company formed in 1960 to manufacture and market what we know as "the real" Bubble Wrap. They're marking this year as their product's 50th anniversary. More than 250 Facebook pages are dedicated to Bubble Wrap.

Jeffrey is now in Plymouth, New Hampshire where he owns and operates the totally original Junkyard Dawgs. He is also a regular on Facebook.

The Provincetown Carnival Festival is August 15-21, 2010 and the theme is on the Wild Side. Read more on the Business Guild site.

And memories of Miss Bubbles keep "popping" up. Happy anniversary, Jeff!

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