Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catch Kate Clinton in Chicopee Saturday June 13

Love that tee, Kate. Photo David Rodgers.

The Yes on K8! Tour arrives in Chicopee next weekend and a good time will be had by all us tuck-aways from the Berkshires, Litchfield Hills and the Pioneer Valley. If you haven't been to one of her shows, you have a real treat in store. Kate uses our special LGBTQ sense of humor as the building block of her show in which she leaves no role model unscathed. As Kate would (and does) say, "our long mental curfew is officially lifted - it's time for a little restoration comedy!"

"Trillions, schmillions, get off your troubled assets. It's time for some comic relief. Kate the Comic will tickle your stimulus package. Not to worry - there'll be drama with Obama - ponzi scum, rick warrens, and quagmires galore. And she'll always have the pope! Join Kate for version Stonewall 4.0. Don't be all gay shamey. Prop Hates and Het Offensives only mean we are too big to fail." And how.

Kate Clinton proves you can be both political and funny. David Rodgers photo.

Her solo appearance in Western Massachusetts will be at The Comedy Connection in the HuKeLau Restaurant and Dinner Theatre. 705 Memorial Drive, Chicopee. 413.593.5222. Show time is 9:00 PM and the ticket price is $27.00. You can buy tickets in advance here. You must be 21 with valid ID to get in.

For readers beyond Western Massachusetts, Kate will be in New York (City) on June 10-11, Boston on June 13 and then begins her long run in Provincetown during July and August. For news and updates on Everything Kate, she has a fabulous website to explore. We thank Kate for including a link to our modest (but loving) Gay in the Berkshires Blog in her May Newsletter.

Kate heard it gets chilly in our part of the state and bundles up. Don't worry Kate, you can leave your skis at home, unless you come back in, say, September. Photo - Donna Aceto

Kate recently reviewed the short list of sins for us. You know the ones - pride, envy, gluttony, lust (Eliot Spitzer did not get that memo), anger, greed, and sloth. She admits to being surprised. "I scanned the list twice, looking for the sin of homosexuality. It was not there!"

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