Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kate Clinton: Thoughts on Mothers Day

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Kate Clinton is feisty, funny and fabulous

Kate Clinton has a weekly vlog on her website and this week her two and a half minutes of seriousness were particularly touching as she spoke for all mothers and children. You have to go to her website to watch it, and if you have not yet bookmarked it, now is a good time to do it. (You have bookmarked Gay Berkshires, right?)

Kate Clinton's website is always worth a leisurely visit.

Clinton Reunion.

All About Kate:

Kate Clinton is a faith-based, tax-paying, America-loving political humorist and family entertainer. She has worked through economic booms and busts, Disneyfication and Walmartization, gay movements and gay markets, lesbian chic and queer eyes, and ten presidential inaugurals. She still believes that humor gets us through peacetime, wartime and scoundrel time.

She has a new book, I Told You So which is due out soon. More on that later.

Kate and the gang at an Empire State Pride Agenda event, including Carson Kressley, Kate, Alan Cumming, Mario Cantone, Jimmy Fallon and Randy Harrison.

Here are a few of her upcoming appearances around the country. She will be coming to Western Massachusetts (Chicopee) in June and we will follow up with details and further information later. Even so, I sure wish our local GLBTQ community was bigger so we could justify bringing her to the Berkshires to the Colonial or Mass MoCA. She is also popular with the "straight but not narrow" crowd, too as her P-Town appearances regularly draw a diverse audience.

San Antonio Texas
Equality Texas

Crown and Anchor

Cambridge, MA
Brattle Theater
I Told You So reading
hosted by The Center For New Words

New York City, NY
Lambda Literary Awards
(International Book Fair is in New York this weekend)

San Francisco, CA
NCLR's 2008 Anniversary Celebration
Westin St. Francis
Ticket info:

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