Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last Chance to See Art of Women at Pittsfield's Ferrin Gallery

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At the Ferrin Gallery: Shannon Trudell's provocative "Sovrapposizione Series: Studio di Davide di Michelangelo", 17 x 12.5 Drawing.

This is the last weekend to view Leslie Ferrin's incredible buffet of art titled WOMEN: Portrait + Figure, a group show of sculpture, painting, mixed media and photography. The concept of the show is to present images of women by both men and women and explore the idea of artist's gender and the role/non role it plays on the portrayal of women.

Nest by Stefanie Motta, 16x20 photograph

It is part of the county wide focus on Women in the Arts, and of course a frequent topic of discussion in the GLBTQ community. The best work of the show is women painting and drawing women, though the men certainly have an eye for the female figure, though sometimes to the exclusion of the person behind the body or mask. Homoerotic art of males is often similar in its emphasis on the physical, often torsos without heads or faces turned away. For me, I look at the eyes that are rendered, since they are the window to the soul.
Sonia by Elizabeth Stone, charcoal on paper, 41x26.

The Ferrin Gallery is located at 437 North Street, Pittsfield, MA 413.442.1622 and is open 11-5 Wednesday to Saturday, and once in a while on Sunday. But do get there soon, this show is up only through April 18, 2009.

Michael Rousseau, "Michigan", 2007, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 24"

This show features several local and regional artists, many of them are presenting portraits of themselves or recognizable members of their community. Through this show and the resulting series of portraits the viewer gets a glimpse into the lively art scene in the Berkshires at this point in time. The artists whose work is included are:

Chris Antemann
Scott Barrow *
Jessica Calderwood
Cynthia Consentino *
Wayne Duffy *
Lucy Feller
Debra Fritts
Paul Graubard *
Julie Heffernan
Jessica Hess *
Jason Houston *
Sergei Isupov *
Lisa Krivacka *
Maggie Mailer *
Susan Mikula *
Stefanie Motta *
Brooke Noble
Anita Powell
Michael Rousseau *
Katy Rush
Diane Savino *
Kevin Sprague *
Elizabeth Stone *
Mara Superior *
Mark Tomasi *
Ben Tritt *
Shannon Trudell
Tabitha Vevers
Nanny Vonnegut *
Rebecca Weinman *
Kurt Weiser
Michael Zelehoski *

*'s are artists from Western Massachusetts

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